How to play:

Use keys WASD for directing your animal. You can accelerate it by using spacebar

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About challenges your skills to a slashing battle! Join this Multiplayer iO game right now and take this chance to show the whole world what you’ve got. The game takes you to an arena where you play as a cube-shaped animal. Just like, your animal must be grown up and developed over time in order to become the largest one of the whole arena. To fulfill that goal, you must roam around the map for collecting and absorbing a lot of tasty apples. Eat them as much as you can to increase your size! The game would be so boring if it were just about eating and surviving, right? Don’t worry! You will have to run into various opponent animals controlled by real players. Make sure you dodge the larger ones, or else you will get eaten. But you should feel free to consume the smaller ones since they will help you grow your size faster. Try your hardest to obtain 1000 points more quickly, and that’s when you will become the ace of the round.

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