How to play:

Move with keys WASD or arrow keys. Use normal assault with left mouse button, special assault with right mouse button

Rating game:

3 0


You will have a nice chance to show off your archery skills and become the excellent archer in which is a new and awesome Multiplayer iO game. The game sets in nice arena with a green background and lots of better graphics. You will take control or your archer and try your hardest to go kill other opponents around before they destroy you. With a nice bow and endless number of arrows, you need to aim and shoot at the does accurately and quickly. There are two kinds of assaults here. You can move faster and shoot out one arrow to defeat the enemies, or you can fire a bunch of arrows which will deal greater damage to them. Use those attacks wisely to your advantage and be sure to protect yourself all the time. You should load up the power bar before shooting the enemies. Are you ready? Let’s give this game a try now!

Demo Video

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