How to play:

Direct your spaceship with keys WASD or arrow keys. Shoot at enemies with the mouse. Use the special skills by clicking the right mouse button.

Rating game:

3 0


If you want to know how good your shooting ability is, then feel free to test it now in! This is one of the best and awesome Multiplayer iO games online that you shouldn’t miss. Once joining, you will have to direct your spaceship cleverly and you aim to defeat all wicked enemies as fast as possible. With a lot of special skills attached to your ship, you must make a good use of them to fight against the enemies. Besides enemies, make sure you shoot down the asteroids as well to get a lot of points. Shooting them is an important thing, but you have to avoid crashing into them, or else your spaceship will be ruined, which leads to a game over very easily. Don’t forget to keep your spaceship upgraded when you advance the game. It will bring you more strength to vanquish the enemies more efficiently. Let’s engage in the game now

Video Demo

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