How to play:

Thrust around with arrow keys or keys WASD. Click LMB or key Shift for shooting.

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About is a wonderful Multiplayer space combat game that allows you to play with your team. Jump in this iO game now if you are into space games online. Similar to other previous browser-based game, in this one, the players also have to fight for the victory and the dominance of the entire galaxy. To do so, each of them has to show off their unique abilities as well as nice strategies, along with a good teamwork. You have to stick with your teammates when wandering around the galaxy with your spaceship. If you go alone and don’t have anyone beside you, you may die very fast. Try your best to make a nice teamwork, pick up as much gold as possible, and attempt to seize the satellites of your opponent team. You will find it harder a bit to thrust in a direction but just practice over and over again until you master it. Good luck!

Video Demo