How to play:

Control your Bacman by using the mouse. Speed him up or lay some mines by using left mouse button.

Rating game:

2 1

About is a cool Multiplayer iO game where you play as a pacman-styled character trying to defeat a bunch of wicked opponents from all over the globe. Your main mission is to roam around the map to eat up plenty of orbs for growing your size while trying to dodge other bigger enemies around. They can eat you up when they catch sight of you, and if that happens, your game will be over. This game rule sounds the same as and other eating and surviving iO games. You need to eat as much as you can for the biggest size. Also, you have to stay away from the mines because they can blow you up if you are so close to them. There is a way to kill the enemies faster and more easily! Try your hardest to lay some mines and trap the foes with them. Doing so will help you kill them efficiently! Are you ready for this? Enjoy the game right now!

Demo Video

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