How to play:

Use the mouse for the movement, click left mouse to swing your hammer and hit the enemies.

Rating game:

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About is a fun game giving you a great chance to meet plenty of skilled opponents and start to battle against them for the victory and fame. You can also play it for releasing your anger and stress too. The game allows you to select your favorite avatar before spawning into the game arena. You can pick a certain celebrity or a famous character if you want. Once joining, you play as that chosen character equipped with a strong hammer. You must move around the map to fight against other opponents and use your hammer to beat them all. Try to swing it carefully and cleverly, kill the rivals, pick up all of their dropped coins in order to gain more mass and become bigger. While swinging your hammer, you should avoid the enemies’ swings as well, or else they will kill you, causing your game to come to an end. You ready? Try the game now!

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