How to play:

Direct your hero with keys WASD. Shoot at enemies by using the mouse

Rating game:

3 2


Refresh your mind and experience further challenges in a great Multiplayer game called! Playing the game also gives you a chance to meet new opponents and fight against them. You play as a hero with a strong gun, and you must be ready for killing all enemies that wander around the map. Aim precisely, set a nice direction and launch your shots to them as fast as possible. Be careful because they will surely respond to your assaults. Don’t let them kill you, or else your game will come to an end instantly. If you get hit, and your health is going down, don’t forget to snatch up some kits that are dispersing around the map. Your health will be regained immediately with the help of those kits. Also, you can use some boxes to cover up yourself if you can’t fight back the enemies. Let’s join the game now and try to survive longer! Wish you luck!

Demo Video

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