How to play:

Direct your spaceship, pick up all dead pieces and items by using the mouse.

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Are you up for a battle against other aliens in Feel free to explore this kind of io-styled Multiplayer game right now. As an alien, you need to direct your spaceship and fly around space to fight against many enemies. You need to collect plenty of pieces of ruined planets in order to make your own solar system. When it’s built up, your duty is to defend it from the strikes of the opponents. They are so pesky and never give up on taking over your system. So, you should be willing to assault them whenever you can by utilizing your weapons and skills. There are some trophies that need to be collected for hiding yourself from the enemies’ radar. Also, with some collected ores, you will gain more points, and your base will be fully upgraded if you utilize many power-ups dropped by the dead enemies. Launch the game now and try your hardest to become the ace of the round!

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