How to play:

Use the mouse to control and choose objects. Press key 0 to form your units, and move the camera by using WASD or arrow keys.

Rating game:

3 0


Let your strategic skill shine through a lot of challenges in! In this awesome Multiplayer Strategy game, you will have to fight off all opponents so you can take over the supremacy of the entire arena. Start to capture some blank realms on the map, secure them all the time and never let any enemies steam them. There is a “Military Power” function in the game which can be used for the seizure. Make sure you repeatedly click “+1 MP” to gain a lot of MP, and this is the only way for you to develop your power, giving you some advantages. Everyone’s goal here is to seize the star bases. The more bases you have, the stronger and larger your units will be. Sometimes you can work with other players to destroy the opponents that are way stronger than you. Keep trying to increase your score so you can reach the top and become the winner.

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