How to play:

Control your blob by using the mouse. Scroll the camera with keys WASD. Tap spacebar to split your blob.

Rating game:

3 2


Are you excited for a new Multiplayer game named This is an io-styled game that can be considered as with 3D graphics and features. Surely you will have a brand new experience with this game. The game puts you in the shoes of a tiny blob and your main task is to develop your size. There are a lot of delicious orbs around the 3D map, make sure you absorb them as much as you can. Once you have gained a certain amount of mass, you will be able to fight against some mid-sized or average-sized blobs. Try to chase them and eat them up to increase your mass faster. But you should be careful with the bigger ones, they can consume you easily! Be sure to divide your blob into two equal ones when you want to escape away from an opponent or chase your target. Survive longer and become the biggest blob of the whole round.

Demo Video