How to play:

Use the mouse for the movement. Press key W or click left mouse button to shoot, spacebar to dash, and key E for toggling auto fire.

Rating game:

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In, you take on a role of a little cute creature that is trying to defeat all wicked enemies around the map. This is a nice Multiplayer iO game giving you a lot of challenges. Just like other iO games, striving for the highest position on the leaderboard and becoming the largest creature in the arena are all main goals in Therefore, you have to roam around the map to kill the enemies faster and never let them get a chance to destroy you. Make sure you shoot bullets at the foes cleverly, slay them all and quickly absorb their dead remains for gaining more mass. The more you eat, the larger you are. If you rank up on the scoreboard, you will be crowned and become the real ace of the round. Try your hardest to survive longer and obtain your goals. You ready? Let’s engage in the game now! Have fun!

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