How to play:

Direct your bomberman by using keys WASD or arrow keys. Press spacebar to drop your bomb.

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In, you will have to plant your bombs to blow up a lot of enemies! Say hi to this Multiplayer iO game if you want to experience something fierce and challenging. With a large-scale arena, surely you will meet a bunch of skilled opponents from all over the world. You play as a Bomberman trying to plant bombs nearby the enemies in order to get rid of them. But first, you have to break all the walls to extend your way. Do that by placing some explosives cleverly, and when all the walls get collapsed, you have to snatch up the power-ups to boost your strength, such as fast movement speed, bomb scope, extra bombs and so forth. When you are nearby a certain enemy, you have to place bombs faster and carefully trap him with those bombs. He will get blown up for sure! Your goal is to stay alive longer to become the best bomberman ever.

Video Demo