How to play:

The mouse is used for controlling your character, and tap spacebar to utilize the power-ups.

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About is a fun-addicting Multiplayer game that will keep you addicted once playing. In the game, you take control of your character around the map to go search for the glue and utilize it to decrease the speed of other opponents. There are plenty of power-ups spreading over the arena, if you collect them as much as possible, you will gain so many advantages. All of the power-ups can only last in 15 seconds. The magneto will help assault the enemies in his scope, the Teleport will bring the player to another area on the map straightly. Using Slower will decrease other enemies in range, or you can fire them by using Slash. Sometimes you can speed up a little bit by using Speedo. Make sure you utilize these power-ups wisely and carefully, kill more opponents, gain a lot of mass and rank up on the leaderboard.

Video Demo