How to play:

Use arrow keys or WASD for the movement. Place the buildings by using the mouse.

Rating game:

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About is a browser-based Multiplayer Strategy game giving you a chance to create your own kingdom. Prepare your strategic skill in advance before jumping in the game arena! In this iO game, you will have to defend your own territory from the attacks of other enemies. To do so, you must make your protective plans, build up various units and create lots of constructions around your realm, such as houses, turrets, barracks, walls, generators and armories. They will help you fight off the opponents and keep your realm safe all the time. Remember that you should build them up and place them in a strategic way so that you can get an edge over the enemies. Attempt to gain more power as much as possible since you will need them to keep your buildings upgraded over time. Once you climb the leaderboard, you will become the ace of the round! Are you ready? Enjoy the game now!

Video Demo