How to play:

Control your block by using the mouse. Use keys A/D for rotating. Press keys W to shoot and spacebar to speed up.

Rating game:

2 1


If you want to play a game like classic Tetris, then will be a good choice for you. Say hi to this awesome Multiplayer iO game right now to explore more challenges and meet new skilled players. You are given a small block at first, then you have to roam around the map to consume more blocks and attach them to your main block in order to gain more size. The more you absorb, the larger your block will be. You can totally rotate the blocks before attaching them. This sounds like a Tetris game, right? But the most interesting point of the game is that you can totally get rid of other enemies by firing some small blocks. But that will cost some mass that you have gained. You need to shoot at the foes cleverly and try to slay them all before they kill you. Make an effort to become the biggest and the best player of all! Wish you luck!

Video Demo