How to play:

Direct your character by using WASD or arrow keys.

Rating game:

4 1


Prepare yourself for a fierce battle between zombies and humans in! Let’s join this awesome Multiplayer iO game now to experience slashing challenges and amazing tasks. The game gives you two situations, starting as a zombie or as a human. If you spawn into the game arena as a zombie, you have to go find the human team and try to kill as many humans as possible, then tag their names. After being tagged, they will instantly join your zombie team. But, if you start as a human, you are supposed to quickly cover up yourself by using various shelters or do anything you can to hide yourself. If you get tagged by any zombies, your game will be over. The game goal is to make your team outnumber the rival team, and try to increase more members until the end of the game. That’s when you will become a winner. Have fun and good luck!

Video Demo