How to play:

Direct your car by using the mouse. Speed up by pressing spacebar or left mouse button

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About is a popular and addictive Multiplayer game with and Grand Theft Auto style. These two famous games will be blended in this new iO game, and surely it will keep you addicted once joining. You will have to direct your car and move it around the map to kill the pedestrians and other tough enemies for leveling up. Other enemies will do the same, and if they are at a higher level, you will be in trouble if they bump into you. They can destroy you easily and kick you out of the game. So, you have to stay away from them to protect your car. But you can totally kill the players that are at lower level than you. Try to speed up by using the nitro boost, catch them faster and crush them all. However, colliding with the buildings will be your end as well. Always stay focused on the game and try your hardest to become the best player of all!

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