How to play:

Use the mouse to move your character. Click left mouse to fire, and use the right mouse or spacebar to accelerate.

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About Celestia.io


Celestia.io is one of the best Multiplayer iO games that will entertain and test your skills more. If you already play other previous iO games, why don’t you try this one for more challenges and new experiences? The game puts you in the shoes of a small character trying to move around the map to swallow a bunch of stars for developing your size. When you search for your foods, you need to keep an eye on other larger opponents since they can kill you easily. To make your size more developed faster, you should go chase the smaller enemies, kill them with your projectiles and then turn them into your tasty food. But you should stay watchful even if you are big, because you can’t move faster, which gives chances to other enemies to destroy you. Remember to keep eating and boosting your strength so that you can survive longer! Have fun with it!

Video Demo Celestia.io:

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