How to play:

Use keys WASD for moving around, click LMB to shoot at enemies.

Rating game:

2 1


It’s always awesome to entertain yourself by playing Multiplayer space combat games online. Now, you can enjoy a new one called to experience new challenges. In the game, you have to direct your spaceship carefully to shoot down as many planets as possible. Once they get collapsed, just quickly pick up their dropped resources so you can increase your skills. All players have to experience 10 steps to upgrade all 8 kills. That’s the goal of everybody! However, it doesn’t sound easy at all. With a lot of players in the same arena like this, it’s inevitable for the players to bump into each other. And when they do, killing each other happens! Make sure you dodge the bullets of your foes or quickly attack them back as you try to defend yourself. Keep an eye on black holes which are very dangerous and able to attract almost anything. See how long you can survive! Good luck!

Video Demo