How to play:

Direct your ship by using your mouse, click LMB or tap spacebar for shooting

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Are you good at controlling spaceship? Why don’t you go test your skill by joining which is a fun-addicting Multiplayer iO game? There will be lots of challenges awaiting you ahead. In the game, you have to direct your own spaceship around the galaxy in order to shoot down other ships and gain more points to increase your rank on the leaderboard. Lots of enemies will move nearby you, and it’s inevitable for you to bump into them. Make an effort to fight them off as you protect yourself from their assaults. Don’t get hit, or else you won’t be able to last longer. Tough enemies can be considered as the main risk that needs to be removed, but the boss is even more dangerous. He only needs to deal couple shots to you, which is strong enough to end your life. Hence, you must do whatever you can to avoid him. The game features some class of ships that have different characteristics. Let’s join the game now and experience it yourself.

Video Demo