How to play:

Direct your character by using left/right arrow keys.

Rating game:

2 2

About is a game like! You will take control of a character that looks like a snake and try your hardest to kill a lot of enemies around the map. This Multiplayer iO game is different than a bit. Instead of freely moving around the map, you will be only able to turn your snake to the left or right. You may find this hard to do since the game arena is very tricky and filled with enemies. If you can’t do that well, a body collision will happen easily, leading your game to an end. Try not to crash into your body, the walls, your trails and other enemies. Make a good use your skills and tactics to kill other snakes and kick them out of the screen. You must stay alive longer for the supremacy and the domination of the arena. Alright, let’s join the game now to experience all!

Video Demo