How to play:

Use the right mouse button to control your tank. Shoot at enemies with your left mouse button.

Rating game:

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About DatTank.com


Dattank.com is another awesome Multiplayer tank game featuring 4 colored teams for your selection. Jump in this kind of iO game right now to explore awesome challenges. You will direct your tank around the map in order to annihilate other opponent tanks. Your tank has 100 HP and 20 ammo at first, so you need to use them wisely when trying to fight. Deal your damage to the enemies carefully, dodge their shots and always keep your tank safe. If your health and ammo are decreased over time, don’t worry about that much, they can be totally regained if you collect lots of health and ammo packs that are scattering around. The more you absorb, the stronger you are. Always keep an eye on the surroundings since everyone can launch their sudden assaults anytime. Your main objective is surviving, so you must keep your tank alive and get to the top of the scoreboard.

Video Demo DatTank.com:

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