How to play:

Use keys WASD for moving your tank, aim and shoot at enemies with the mouse.

Rating game:

6 3

About Diep.io


Looking for a new addictive tank game? Why don’t you start to play Diep.io game online for tough challenges and fun? Surely this Multiplayer iO game online will never let you down! Once joining this tank game, you will get a chance to show off your tank-controlling skill, and go fight against lots of enemies from around the world. Try to direct your tank cleverly and move around the map for hunting for other foes. Once you see them, you must start to shoot at them as fast as possible before they annihilate you. It’s all about kill or be killed, so the game can get very fierce! You need to protect your tank at all cost, and try to survive longer to rank up on the leaderboard. Be sure to keep your tank stats and skills upgraded over time in order to increase your power. Are you ready? Click play the game right now!

Video Demo Diep.io:

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