How to play:

Use keys WASD or arrow keys for directing your boat. Shoot at enemies with left mouse button or spacebar.

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Feel free to explore awesome challenges in! Don’t skip a chance to join this iO game if you want to meet new opponents and experience new stuff. After spawning into the game arena, you will direct your ship around the sea and try to attack the enemy ships. They will do the same to you, so attacking them and taking them out first will bring you more advantages. But you need to have your tactics already when dealing with the enemies. They are important and can help you kill the foes more efficiently. There are some colorful orbs scattering around, make sure you gather them as much as possible for powering up yourself. If you kill a lot of enemies, you will earn a bunch of cash, and then you can use them for buying new weapons for your ship. Alright, let’s start joining the game now! Wish you luck!

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