How to play:

Direct your class by using the mouse. Accelerate it by using left mouse button or spacebar.

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About Driftin.io


Prove your drifting skills in an addictive yet tough Multiplayer iO game called Driftin.io! There are lots of challenges and skilled players awaiting you ahead. You will have to drift around the track against them and try to beat them all for the ultimate victory and the highest rank on the scoreboard. With 6 classes featured in the game, you can choose one then head out for the race. All you have to do is to control your chosen class, drift carefully and finish all 20 laps first to become the winner. Every lap you complete, your level will be increased, and you can upgrade your stats, at least 4, like movement speed, weapon damage, reload speed, or max HP. With these stats, you will be able to slay the opponents more easily. Just feel free to show all skills you have and try your hardest to become the best racer ever! Good luck!

Video Demo Driftin.io: