How to play:

Direct your character by using keys WASD. Tap spacebar to drop a bomb.

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About Dstruct.io


Are you ready for a lot of destruction in a nice browser-based Multiplayer game called Dstruct.io? Join the game now to show off your skills and play with new tough opponents. You will have to control your character around the game arena to plant your bombs nearby the enemies so that you can blow them up. Make sure you push them into a corner and trap them with your bombs to make them unable to escape. Also, you’d better collect more power-ups and make a good use of them for increasing your power, which helps you kill the enemies more easily and efficiently. While trying to blow up the opponents, you must also protect yourself! Any enemies can totally corner you and destroy you if you stay unaware. Always keep an eye on the surroundings and be safe while moving around. Your main goal is to survive longer to become the best Bomberman ever!

Video Demo Dstruct.io:

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