How to play:

Move with arrow keys or WASD. Use the mouse or Ctrl to shoot enemies. Open the shop with right mouse button. Change the weapon with the mouse wheel.

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About Duals.io


Be prepared for a new awesome confrontation with lots of opponents in Duals.io! This is a new Multiplayer iO game where you have to protect your own realm and go kill the enemies as fast as possible. The enemies will try to launch their attacks to your territory, and giving the full protection to it is one of your crucial tasks. You are equipped with several buildings for defending your realm, such as walls, turrets or even hordes of zombies. Try to place them and send them out carefully so that they can help you defeat other enemies and keep your base safe all the time. The game also requires you to prepare some tactics in advance for coping with the enemies more efficiently. Make sure you stay focused on the game and never let any opponents destroy your base. If you survive longer, you will be able to dominate the game arena and become the ace of the round!

Video Demo Duals.io:

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