How to play:

Use arrow keys or keys WASD for moving your orb. Aim and shoot at enemies with the mouse.

Rating game:

6 2

About Elementar.io


Elementar.io is a new iO game that sets in the magnificent galaxy full of orbs. Join the game now to deal with more enemies and battle against them for the dominance. You take on a role of a little orb that aims to become bigger by swallowing other smaller orbs around the map. Just feel free to aim and shoot them down in order to get your food and gain more strength. Be careful with other opponent orbs when you’re close to them since they can take you out easily if you are unaware. Try to increase your level and go buy new upgrades or further useful stuff in order to power up yourself and make them more unbeatable. Be sure to gain a higher score so that you can get to the top on the leaderboard. Once you become the ace of the round, you can totally rule the whole arena. Wish you luck!
Video Demo Elementar.io:

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