How to play:

Direct your character by using the mouse only.

Rating game:

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About Elude.io


With the release of Elude.io, now the list of iO games online seems to be longer. Check out this amazing Multiplayer game right now to explore awesome challenges. The game sets in an arena full of skulls that are moving around. You will direct your character and try to avoid those skulls all the time. Try your hardest to move carefully and never let any skulls touch you. Don’t forget to collect more stars on your way to earn more scores and increase your speed. With a faster movement speed, your character can elude the skulls more quickly and easily. However, if you keep moving faster without controlling, you may collide with the skulls, which causes your game to come to an end. Hence, you need to move cleverly and use the fast speed wisely for your survival. Try to collect more stars so that you can increase your points more quickly. You can select your favorite skin if you want. Have fun!

Video Demo Elude.io:

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