How to play:

Control and interact by using the mouse only. Scroll the camera by using keys WASD or arrow keys.

Rating game:

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About Flar.io


Flar.io is a kind of Multiplayer Tower-Defense game that can test your strategic skills. In the game, you need to expand your small realm and try to create more bases as well as build up a protective system to keep your bases safe from the sudden assaults of the opponents. Try to make a good use of various weapons and buildings like rocks, turrets and so on. They will help you protect the bases all the time and no enemies could ever attack them. But, you shouldn’t underestimate the foes since they can take the upper hand easily. You should use your strategies to deal with them and gain control. You can boost your strength through using the purchased upgrades which can make your bases more unbeatable. Your main goal is to survive and become the ultimate winner of the round. Let’s try the game now and see how long you can last!

Video Demo Flar.io:

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