How to play:

Control your character by using keys WASD or arrow keys. Use the mouse to throw food at foes

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You will have to grab and throw foods at the enemies to get rid of them in which is another io-styled Multiplayer game online. Different from other iO games, rather than using the weapons to kill the enemies, now you have to use foods! Prepare your skills and tactics wisely so that you can deal with the foes more easily. They will try to do throw food at you as well, and if you get hit, your game will be over instantly. Once you have the food, you need to set a direction then start throwing it at the enemies more quickly. All you have to do is to perform your excellent throwing skills and act faster to take the upper hand on the foes. You are supposed to gain a higher score and keep your power boosted over time so that you can stay alive longer. Are you ready? Give this game a shot now!

How to play

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