Force Ship

How to play:

Use the mouse for moving your ship. Shoot at enemies with left mouse, and speed up with right mouse button.

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About Force Ship

Force Ship

Force Ship is a nice Multiplayer game opening a tough fight for you. Join the game right now and use your skills to conquer all hard challenges as well as meet new players. You will have to direct a spaceship around the galaxy to hunt for more enemies. Once you see them, you must start crashing against them or shooting at them instantly. There are some asteroids around the map which can be collided with the enemy spaceships. You can force them to run into those asteroids to take them out. Keep your spaceship safe and avoid crashing into other opponents. Also, you should dodge getting hit by the assaults of the foes as well, or else you won’t be able to survive longer. Always stay concentrated and keep an eye on the surroundings while you’re moving. Your goal is to become the best commander ever! You ready? Let’s enjoy the game now!

Video Demo Force Ship:

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