How to play:

Use keys WASD for the movement. Use spacebar to plant your bombs.

Rating game:

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About is another Multiplayer game that is like other classic Bomberman games You take on a role of a bomberman whose mission is to go get rid of other enemies by planting your bombs. Move around the map cleverly and try to break some walls first to extend your pathway, and be sure to pick up the power-ups that are dropped from the broken walls so that you can power up yourself. Preparing the tactics in advance will be an advantage since you will know how to deal with the enemies and how to kill them faster. Try to get closer to a target enemy, then quickly corner him with your bombs. He will get blown up in a bit! But you have to defend yourself from the surroundings, and try to find a hidden place for concealing yourself when you can’t handle the fight. You must survive longer to become the best bomberman ever!

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