How to play:

Move with keys WASD, arrow keys or mouse. Use spacebar to deselect, remove the queued moves by using key P, and use key W to cancel the former move.

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About is a Multiplayer Strategy game online challenging your strategic skills to a tough fight against other skilled opponents. In the game, you have a small base and you must do whatever it takes to keep it safe. The enemies will try to launch their attacks to you, so make sure you put an end to their actions and try to defeat all of them for your survival. Place the blocks around your base carefully and be sure to upgrade them more frequently to boost the strength for resisting the enemy attacks. Besides protecting your base, seizing other realms of the foes is a must too. You have to attack them and try to take over their lands so that you can expand your realm. Use your strategies wisely while doing so, and always keep your main base safe all the time. You aim to become the ultimate survivor that rules the whole game arena. Have fun!

How to play

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