How to play:

Use left/right arrow keys for the movement, up arrow key for jumping, down arrow key to use shield, and tap spacebar to shoot.

Rating game:

2 0

About GoBattle.io


GoBattle.io is a wonderful and addictive iO game online with unique 2D graphics and amazing features. This Multiplayer game lets you fight against lots of opponents to see who will become the best King of all. Once spawning, you will take control of your character then go battle against other opponent Knights. Have your strategies ready, keep an eye on the surroundings, quickly kill the enemies as you try to defend yourself. Make your way through a large map full of dangers so you can search for new powerful weapons which will boost your strength. You should get rid of as many knights as possible to earn a lot of coins. When you gain them, you can spend them on new upgrades so the strength of your knight will be increased. Activate your shield when you can’t handle the attacks of enemies, find the potions to develop your HB and try your best to dominate the whole arena.

Video Demo GoBattle.io:

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