How to play:

Use keys WASD to move your tank, click right and left mouse buttons for shooting, and rotate with the mouse

Rating game:

5 6

About is an awesome Multiplayer tank game online taking you to an arena where you have to survive and fight off other opponent tanks. Choose your favorite type of tank first before entering the arena. Take control of your tank carefully, aim and shoot all the objects so you can amass more experiences. The more objects you demolish, the stronger your tank will become. Some enemies will stand in your way to hinder you from doing your job. Don’t be kind to them! You have to stay strong, show no mercy and become the aggressive player. The arena is very fierce! If you have no strategies or skills ready, you won’t be able to last long. Never stop pumping your tank, do whatever you can to climb the leaderboard, and that’s when you can rule the arena. The game will keep you addicted for hours, so give it a try now! Wish you luck!

Video Demo