How to play:

Move your character by using keys WASD. Click left mouse button to shoot the enemies, and switch your weapons by using the mouse wheel. Press key 1 to upgrade the gun, and run with key Shift.

Rating game:

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Grab a chance to test your shooting skill in a fun Multiplayer iO game called! You will have to battle against various tough opponents, so make sure you always have your skills and tactics ready to deal with them. In the game, you have to do whatever it takes to attract and force the opponents to go behind you. Then, quickly take your gun out to shoot them backwards. Every action needs to be done in a fast and careful way if you want to prolong your life. Always keep an eye on the enemies because they will surely do the same to you. Make sure you avoid their bullets and defend yourself all the time. With plenty of weapons, you need to make use of them and always improve them to power up yourself. Your main goal is to become the best gunslinger ever and take the dominance of the whole game arena. Have fun!

How to play

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