How to play:

Attack the enemies and defend your base by using the mouse. Move the camera by using keys WASD.

Rating game:

4 1

About Hexagor.io


Prove your strategic skill in a nice Multiplayer game called Hexagor.io! As an owner of a small base, you must do whatever it takes to defend it and try to stop the enemies from attacking. Just like other tower-defense games, building up protective towers and other walls around your base is a crucial thing. So, you have to place them in a strategic way and provide your base with a full protection. Besides defending your base against the enemies, you need to keep your realm developed over time as well. Once it gets advanced, your troop will be expanded for sure, giving you more strength. There are several nice resources and supplies scattering around the map. Just feel free to pick them up as much as possible for more power. Never underestimate the enemies, never let them take the upper hand, or else you won’t take the dominance of the area. Are you up for this challenge? Jump in the game now!

How to play Hexagor.io:

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