How to play:

Use the mouse to move your character to take over hexagons and return to the current base to expand it.

Rating game:

22 3

About Hexar.io


Hexar.io is a popular Multiplayer hexagon-capturing game online which is just like Splix.io or Superhex.io. If you are a fan of this type, then be sure to enjoy this game now. Hexar.io is a better version of those predecessors mentioned above. With nice graphics, cool features, and smooth controls, you will get addicted to it for sure. Once joining, you have to take control of your character and move around the map capturing as many hexagons as possible. Then, all those captured hexagons must be connected to your first small base so you can expand your territory. Your tail is a weak point here! If you let other opponents touch your tail, you will die instantly, and he will take this chance to take over your hexagons. The only way you can defend your tail is moving around in your own realm. But, you can try to crash into the tails of other enemies for killing them. See how many hexagons you can conquer!

Video Demo Hexar.io: