How to play:

Move your character by using the mouse, hook the foes with key Q or left mouse button. Activate the shield by using key W or right mouse button. Select class with keys 1234.

Rating game:

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About Hookem.io


Hookem.io is one of the most interesting iO games bringing you a lot of challenges. The game opens a fierce combat that requires you to have some nice strategies. Your main task is to hook the opponents as fast as possible and quickly steal their energy. If you’re not careful while doing the mission, the enemies will easily kill you and put an end to your scheme. Just don’t let it happen if you want to survive longer. The good way for you to battle against them is to use some combos and nice abilities attached to your classes, such as shield, teleportation into the group of other players. There are several classes available in the game, like Purple class, Blue class, Green class, and Red class. Use them wisely when you try to deal with the enemies. Don’t forget to use the exit strategy if you want to flee away from the foes. Have fun!

Demo Video Hookem.io:

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