How to play:

Direct your ball and let it move forward or backward by using keys A/D.

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About takes you a dangerous maze full of skilled enemies. Prepare yourself for this challenge in this famous Multiplayer iO game online. Once joining, you will have to direct your colored ball and move it through a maze. On your way, you will run into lots of opponents, as well as a bunch of deadly obstacles, like spikes, swinging balls, lava and so on. To get past of these impediments, you must let your ball bounce higher or lower and keep it balanced. There will be various tough parts of the terrain, so if you don’t control your ball cleverly, you will die easily. The enemies will try to do the same and surpass you! Don’t let that happen, and make sure you will fight them off. You aim to become the real ace of the round, so you have to get to a further distance to obtain that goal. Have fun, guys!

Video Demo play