How to play:

Control, move and help your character jump by using keys WASD. Tap spacebar or key W many times to perform double jump.

Rating game:

3 0

About Jumpar.io


Play as a nimble squishy blob in Jumpar.io and take this chance to prove your jumping skill to the whole world. This awesome Multiplayer game will surely keep you entertained for a while. Different from other iO games, the only way for killing the enemies is to jump over their heads and try to land on them. This gameplay sounds so awesome, but still, it takes some practice and even several nice strategies if you want to get an edge over the opponents. When you kill an enemy, their mass can be dropped and fired in lots of directions, so you should quickly swallow their dead mass as fast as possible in order to boost your strength. The enemies won’t be able to get rid of you if you always stay higher than them. Hence, you should try to use that tactic to your advantage and take the upper hand. Are you ready? Launch the game now!

Video Demo Jumpar.io:

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