How to play:

Move your character with keys WASD. Shoot at enemies with left mouse button.

Rating game:

2 0

About Karnage.io


Karnage.io is a fun Multiplayer iO game putting you in the shoes of a gunfighter trying to get rid of other enemies from around the world. You need to prepare your strategies in advance so that you can conquer this battle and fight off the foes more efficiently. Move around the map cleverly, aim and shoot down any foes that come in your way. If you don’t destroy them first, you will die easily. Just be sure that the enemies won’t be able to launch their attacks to you, and avoiding their bullets will be a must if you want to survive longer. Sometimes, utilizing the coverage to protect yourself is very important, especially when you can’t handle the attacks of the enemies. Just keep moving, utilize all weapons you have and be sure to take out the enemies before they annihilate you. Join the game now and see how long you can last!

Video Demo Karnage.io:

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