How to play:

Control your character around the map using left/right arrow keys or keys A/D. Thrust with up arrow key or key W. press key S or down arrow key to go backward

Rating game:

4 3

About Kazap.io


Kazap.io is a fierce Multiplayer browser-based game where players have to battle against each other for their survival and victory. Taking place in a unique galaxy filled with orbs, the game is extremely challenging yet amazing to play. You need to wander around collecting as many scattering energy orbs as possible to boost your strength, which brings you a better chance of survival. You will see that there are some “!” symbols on your way, and when you catch sight of them, you must protect yourself as well as have your skills ready to deal with the forthcoming assault of your opponents. If you think you are not strong enough for fighting back, then quickly run away! But, you can stay there and try to attack the enemies if you are having a good size. Don’t let any enemies take the upper hand! You have to stay alive longer and rank up on the leaderboard.

Video Demo Kazap.io: