How to play:

Control and interact with stuff by using the mouse only

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About is a fun Multiplayer iO game that requires all players to have nice strategies and prepare their excellent skills to battle against each other. This game opens a fierce combat in which the players have to expand and protect their own realms. With a small realm at first, you need to use any means to make it developed and well-protected throughout the fight. To expand it, you are supposed to take over a lot of adjacent lands around. The more lands you claim, the more numbers you will get. Then, you should make use of those numbers to change to several squares in order to grow your land. While enlarging your territory, you need to be careful with other foes as well because they can launch their attacks to your main kingdom and take over it anytime. Do not let them take the upper hand, or else you won’t get a chance to rule the game. Always leave your main realm protected! Wish you luck!

How to play

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