How to play:

Move your fighter by using keys WASD. Utilize the jetpack by using right mouse button, and shoot at enemies with left mouse button.

Rating game:

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About Klad.io

Klad.io can be considered as another version of RangerSteve.io game with a lot of nice features and tough challenges to explore. Feel free to join this new Multiplayer game and start to prove your skills. You will take control of your fighter around the map and try to take out plenty of enemies around by making use of your given powerful weapons. You are supposed to kill them faster when they are in your sight and always avoid their bullets to keep your character safe. If you get hit, your game will stop and you have to respawn it if you want. Try your hardest to force the opponents to stay behind you, and when they do, you need to shoot backward faster. Doing so will hamper them from attacking you, and they won’t be able to respond to your assaults. If you want to become the excellent fighter that rules the arena, you must get to the top of the scoreboard! Have fun!

video Demo Klad.io:

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