How to play:

Direct your character by using keys A/D. Jump with spacebar. Shoot with the mouse, and drop a grapnel with right mouse button. Press key E for using a machine gun, reload it by searching for a weapon.

Rating game:

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About Kugeln.io


Select your favorite mode and start your challenges in a new Multiplayer iO game called Kugeln.io! You will fight against various opponents, so this is a great chance for you to meet new friends and show them your excellent skills. There are three modes in the game, such as Death Match, Team Death Match and Capture the Flag. You will have to slay all enemies and gain the highest point to conquer the map in Death Match. But if you want to play with a team, you will have to work with your friends to knock out the enemies for the ultimate glory. If you select Capture the Flag mode, you have to try your hardest to seize three enemies’ flags first to become the winner. Every single mode needs specific skills and nice tactics to vanquish. So you have to prepare them in advance! Sounds so amazing right? Let’s engage in the game now! Hope you have fun with it!

Video Demo Kugeln.io:

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