How to play:

Use the mouse to control your shark, tap spacebar to charge the power then fire lasers.

Rating game:

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Get ready to become a dangerous and hostile shark with deadly lasers in a fun iO game called! Feel free to explore this game for more challenges. You swim around the map to collect a lot of orbs for increasing your points and leveling up through over time. Once your fill up the XP bar, you can go to the next level and become stronger. There will be plenty of other sharks moving around the map, and they are willing to fire their lasers. If you get hit, your health will be decreased a bit. It will be a game over for you if you have no health left. So, do whatever you can to defend your shark, also you must try to evolve into a stronger and more aggressive shark. Make sure you kill a lot of opponents, earn higher score so you can climb your way up the leaderboard. Good luck!

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