How to play:

Turn your character by using keys A and D.

Rating game:

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About is an addictive Multiplayer game that will challenge your controlling skills. When you first spawn into the game arena, you need to direct your character cleverly around the map and draw some lines that can be used to trap and kill the enemies. Your drawn lines are powerful things that can destroy other players whenever they crash into. So, you must go and draw them as much as you can, and use them wisely to your advantage. The more enemies you kill, the higher score you will earn, which helps you rank up to the top of the leaderboard easily. However, your game will be over if you collide with the lines drawn by the enemies. For more strength, you should feel free to collect a lot of power-ups that are scattering around the map. They will help you in killing the enemies more efficiently. Attempt to survive longer and become the best player of all!

Video Demo