How to play:

Use the mouse for the movements, press spacebar to divide your army, use key E to build houses, key R to place towers, key T to hire soldiers, key Y for knights, key U for archer, key I for barbarians, key O for dragons and kill yourself with key Esc.

Rating game:

4 1

About Lordz.io


The main objective of Lordz.io is to build the largest army in the whole arena! You start to make your way through a vas map hunting for a lot of coins, then spend them on constructing many shelters in order to produce food for your units. Also, you need to build a lot of castles to defend these shelters. After gaining a good number of resources, it’s time to begin forming a force of loyal soldiers, such as archer, knight, dragon, barbarian, etc. You must climb the top spot on the lordzboard for your ultimate dominance. Have fun!

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